I’m back

I’m back, after one of my journeys into the Underworld. This time it was the round chamber. The way out is there, but you can’t see it. You go round and round, checking and counting, arranging and rearranging, pondering and going over the whole thing once again and once again… The atmosphere was rather gloomy. I couldn’t fix my mind on anything else and lived in a constellation of doubts. I even thought of giving up this place in the virtual world. In the meantime, someone registered the domain marywolfhouse.com. What for? You can bet it wasn’t for charity. Anyway, I don’t make any profit from my work here, so I don’t need that dot com. I’ve found something better, a great suggestion from wordpress.com: marywolf.house for my Mary Woodhouse site.
I,m back is also the title of my latest addition to Geography of Dreams. You can check it here. (Click on number III)

A Jail, by Piranesi

Published by Mary Wolfhouse

Writer and freelance journalist. Mary Wolfhouse is a pen name and also an Internet avatar.

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