The Omniscient Narrator

Some weeks ago —how many I cannot tell because I have an awful memory and a peculiar sense of time— I was reading two books, one of them in Spanish, the other one in English. The first was a novel by Benito Pérez Galdós whose title is “Miau” and yes, that’s the onomatopoeic Spanish wordContinue reading “The Omniscient Narrator”

The Ghost’s Walk

(English) Bleak House is a long, long book with several subplots and different sections that can be clearly told apart according to their atmosphere and characters. So much so that, although as a whole it has the features of the XIXth century realistic novel, with its social worries and minutely depicted world, we can findContinue reading “The Ghost’s Walk”

The Ghost’s Walk (El paseo del fantasma)

Bleak House es una novela larga con varias subtramas y con partes muy diferentes por su ambiente y sus personajes. Tanto es así que, aunque en conjunto tiene los rasgos de la novela realista decimonónica, con sus preocupaciones sociales y su detallada representación del mundo, dentro de ella podemos encontrar un relato policiaco y unaContinue reading “The Ghost’s Walk (El paseo del fantasma)”