The Ghost’s Walk

(English) Bleak House is a long, long book with several subplots and different sections that can be clearly told apart according to their atmosphere and characters. So much so that, although as a whole it has the features of the XIXth century realistic novel, with its social worries and minutely depicted world, we can findContinue reading “The Ghost’s Walk”


To go into Bleak House (the novel) you must go into the fog, the thick fog at the begining of the book. First you see it wetting and clogging streets, rooms, windows, boats, river banks, the whole sky and the whole city of London. Then it turns into a metaphorical fog inside Chancery Lane. AndContinue reading “Fog”

The Walking Forest

The vision of a walking forest is one of the gifts that await us inside The Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien loved trees. Machines he didn’t love very much. His love for the modern world was scarce and his works are pervaded with a longing for pre-modern ages. It is logical that when creating the universe of TheContinue reading “The Walking Forest”