Rama II: The Garden of Disenchantment

Badreads Rama II is the most conspicuous… rubish I’ve read in a long, long time. I read it because I loved Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, but this is a novel written by a scientist. Its language is precise, correct, governed by utility and clarity both of purpose and expression. The characters areContinue reading “Rama II: The Garden of Disenchantment”

The Germ Growers

Are you in interested in reading a book published in 1892 which is said to be the first novel portraying an alien invasion of Earth, released six years before H. G. Well’s The War of the Worlds? Then download it from gutenberg.org and come back after reading. Why? Because I am about to spoil theContinue reading “The Germ Growers”

The Invisible Threat

READING IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS Now that Humankind is unwillingly getting used to live surrounded by an invisible threat, a novel written back in 1969 where the “invader from outer space” is equally invisible, equally tiny and not less deadly has the quality of being disturbing and also alluring. The Andromeda Strain was written inContinue reading “The Invisible Threat”