The Invisible Threat

READING IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS Now that Humankind is unwillingly getting used to live surrounded by an invisible threat, a novel written back in 1969 where the “invader from outer space” is equally invisible, equally tiny and not less deadly has the quality of being disturbing and also alluring. The Andromeda Strain was written inContinue reading “The Invisible Threat”

Marcianos y bacterias

“¡ Dios no es un agente de seguros!” Es lo que le dice, irritado, el narrador al cura en la novela de H. G. Wells La guerra de los mundos. Confrontado a una realidad que no puede admitir, el cura pierde la razón y se convierte en un amasijo tembloroso de impulsos y emociones. SuContinue reading “Marcianos y bacterias”


The fear of infection, pollution, contagion is one of the primordial fears. It lives at the root of human nature responding to one of the most insidious traps of Nature. It’s the fear of an invisible, incomprehensible enemy: the disease that passes from one sufferer to another, the evil spirit that works in the darkContinue reading “Infection”